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My name is Jennifer Renner and I would love to share and/or answer questions on the large line of equine, K9, and human LameAway products with you. I became a believer in LameAway around 2010. After seeing the results from using Topical Poultice on an equine leg injury, I was sold. In 2019, myself and many friends were having a hard time finding LameAway products in our area. I darn sure wasn't going to change products because I knew what LameAway did for my horses. I knew they needed LameAway on their bodies to perform at the high level I expect from them. So after a lot of thought, I decided to contact LameAway to become a Rep. Becoming a rep has been so rewarding. I love hearing the success stories from horse owners, dog owners, and even the men. Yes, you heard that right, the men! LameAway isn't just for horses, but dogs and humans love it too! When I have guys telling me that LameAway takes away the daily aches and pains or it relieves the pain in strained muscles, then I know it's doing its job on my horses and dogs. If you are looking for a product to reduce pain and inflammation using an all-natural product, then contact me for your LameAway needs. I would love to hear another success story from a happy client.

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