Kayla Rhodes

LameAway Distributor

Ohio, Pennsylvania

My name is Kayla Rhodes I am a barrel racer. I have ridden English as well but I have always liked something with a little more adrenaline. I am 31, I am married and have no children at this time. We have fur babies, and obviously horses as well. I work full time as a Surgical Technologist at a surgery center and I have been doing that for 9 years now. I enjoy living a simple life, gardening,raising animals, and just spending time outside with family and friends.

I have always been passionate about horses and their well being. My horses always get what they need because as an athlete that’s needed to feel at the top of their game.

Lame Away was introduced to me in December of 2018 and I was immediately sold when I tried the product on myself. Any of you who know me know I had a bad accident on a horse which has given me 3 trips to the OR to try to fix. Thankfully I live a generally pain free life but on days that I am feeling some discomfort these products have been here for me to get me through the day.

Lame Away will always be apart of my routine because I know it works.

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