Tami Hentz

Distributor Manager


Hi I’m Tami Hentz distribution manager for LameAway. Growing up in a large boarding/training schedule gave me a wide understanding of the different disciplines and breeds in the horse world but the one that ultimately was my passion was barrel racing in which I still compete regularly.

I was drawn into the rehab industry and became an ATS Acuscope/Myopulse therapist. I worked under several Chiropractors, Veterinarians, and also worked at a Physical Therapists office on humans using these instruments. I was looking for something to compliment my therapies and was introduced to LameAway in 2009, it was the perfect fit and kept their horses competing at the top. When I moved to Oklahoma and found that it was not available here the owners of LameAway and I quickly set about to resolve that and found several reps in numerous states that worked hard to get the word out about this amazing product.

This journey has been amazing and the team members have been blessings. I love going to races and having people just walk up and tell me how LameAway has helped their horses, taken the pain out of their grandpa’s hands, or just a new way LameAway has improved their lives. The reps for LameAway all have a common background, they love their animals and love to help other people. I’m surrounded by wonderful people and amazing athletes and get to live the life I love.

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