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Allison Bullard

LameAway Rep


HI, my name is Allison Bullard. I am excited to be your Washington State Lame Away rep. I have been an avid equestrian my entire life. My daughter and I started using these products a couple years ago and are so impressed with the results and improved performance from our equine partners. We focus on using natural products that are healthy options for our horses and dogs as well as ourselves. We are amazed this product covers all three of us.

I started competing at a young age showing performance in both open shows and 4-H. Soon I started to Junior and High School Rodeo and compete in patterned horse racing, many of the larger barrel racing organizations, team penning/sorting. I had the amazing opportunity to train under an Olympian Dressage trainer for a year and incorporate much of what I learned in my current style. Blessed that my daughter followed in my footsteps. We are members and compete in many organizations all over Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Most of our horses are ones that we have raised and trained ourselves. We currently have 3 – 1-year old projects that we are very excited about. Our horses and dogs are our family.

While we both have won many awards and titles the greatest accomplishment is seeing your daughter you raised perform, compete, and win on a horse you raised and trained. I am beyond blessed and grateful for all the experiences and opportunities that horses have given me.

I have experienced several injuries over the years. Many I will have to live with. LameAway has been amazing for me in that it relieves much of my pain and inflammation I experience. I can do more with increased levels of activity having this product in my arsenal.

(509) 703-2774


The Old School Horse Rub
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