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Effie Clairmont

LameAway Distributor


I have been on horseback since before I was born; my mother conditioned race horses while she was pregnant with me. I have loved these amazing creatures since I can remember, and they are a part of my life that nothing else can replace. I have been a barrel racer for many years and worked with some amazing horsewomen and men on the way. In working to create a superb horse program, I utilize resources and supplements that I feel make my horses their best. EVS Pharm and Lame Away products are an important part of my program. I was exposed to EVS Pharm last July when I started using the dog chews for our elder canine. I quickly added the horse products and jumped at the possibility of becoming a distributor. Luckily, I was able to add Lame Away as well, which I wholeheartedly believe in. I am fully committed to the companies and the amazing products. My husband and I are working to build something great, and we are taking EVS Pharm and Lame Away on the journey with us. You can improve your own programs by including EVS Pharm and Lame Away today.

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The Old School Horse Rub
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