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Topical Spray is a easy spray on application for instant pain relief and ongoing lameness problems.  Topical Wash is made for after workouts or events or for any inflammation or discomfort.  Topical Poultice is a treatment used on horses to relieve inflammation and is applied as a precautionary measure after the horse has worked hard or during travel.  Wound Salve is a balm based product to help heal wounds and cuts quickly.  All of these products can be used under wraps, boots, and saddle pads.


K9 Releaf is a CBD and essential oils infused wash, spray, and wound salve for all our pets.  It is a natural pain and inflammation treatment and insect deterrent.


We always have people using LameAway on themselves so we started a line for humans under the Riders Choice label. We use the same amazing ingredients just in a different carrier.  

Lameaway Riders Choice.jpg
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