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Lori Smart

LameAway Distributor


Hi, my name is Lori Smart. I’ve been barrel racing for about 30 years. I had a couple of great horses that took care of me for a long time and supported my dream. My heart has always been on a good challenge, I rode and fixed many! People kept me busy with “projects”. In the last years, I’ve really had to step away due to health issues and responsibilities, and recently, I’ve been trying to get started back. I’ve raised a couple of babies and of course, I’ve gotten me a few “projects” mentally and physically. Haha!

My health issues are what led me to cbd. Because of what it has done to help me, I thought I would try it on my horses. Going in, I was a little educated on cbd through my experience, and I knew it would not be a “quick fix”, but given time, it was life changing. Let me just say the cbd pellets and Lame Away topical… it’s the same rave in horses as it is in people. It’s definitely a game changer! It couldn’t have worked out any better when I found out Dr. Hicks was selling it, and how passionate that his wife, Risa Hicks, was about the products. I knew I wanted to be a part of it!


(205) 359-1397


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