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Michelle Battista

LameAway Distributor

Colorado, Wyoming

Since I was at the age of 5, I have always had a passion for horses. I have been actively competing in barrel racing for the past 29+ years and keeping my horses healthy is critical to my success. My horses are athletes just as I am (as I won my IFBB Pro card in Fitness in 2010). I was introduced to LameAway several years ago when I was at a barrel race. With barrel racing, it demands a lot on a horse because of the speed and split second decision to make the perfect turn.

LameAway products are applied topically, preferably by spraying soaking or poultice and once applied the mixture of essential oils are absorbed through the skin and interact with cannabinoid receptors in the body and tissue of a mammal. This offers a method of relieving pain and reducing inflammation. Keeping myself and my horses are key to turning seconds into firsts!

So whether your horses are used for Dressage, Reining, Barrel Racing, Jumping or just trail riding, LameAway will keep your animals feeling their best. LameAway can be used on any animal as well as yourself. Lame Away is safe to use under other therapies, under magnets and wraps.

Honored to be part of the Lame Away team. I will be the rep in Rocky Mountain Region. This product is truly amazing! Please contact me via Facebook or email for all of your LameAway needs.



The Old School Horse Rub
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