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Sara Pence

LameAway Distributor


My name is Sara Pence and I am the EVS Pharm & LameAway representative for the great lakes state Michigan. I am also a long time distributor of OxyGen and am a MagnaWave certified practitioner as well. I have a passion for building success in the equine athlete. I've spent over twenty years practicing in physical and massage therapy for a group of alternative doctor's for humans and have used that knowledge to advance what I do with the preventative care and maintenance on numerous horses successfully throughout the years. I was born and raised in Northern Michigan and have been lucky enough to be involved with the horses since birth. I've enjoyed all aspects of the horse world from showing, breeding, training, and selling horses. I still barrel race on a much smaller degree but primarily focus on helping my daughter with her equine endeavors and raising her two busy younger brothers. I have seen so many fantastic benefits to the products I choose to represent, not just on our personal horses, friends and patients but on so many others as well. I love to support small American businesses and am so proud that all of the companies I work for are American businesses. I'm so thankful to have these products in my tool box and look forward to sharing them with other people to help them achieve their own successful journeys.

(231) 258-4787


The Old School Horse Rub
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