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The Old School Horse Rub
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  • Topical Spray

    Give your horse some relief from aches and soreness with the LameAway Horse Rub Topical Spray! Utilizing a combination of ethyl alcohol, eucalyptus oil, full-spectrum CBD, and other hard-working ingredients, this spray helps to reduce pain and inflammation so your horse can keep feeling his best. It can even be applied under the saddle area or leg wraps if needed, making it a versatile tool for a variety of situations.

    Sizes Available:

    16 oz and 1 gallon

  • Topical Poultice

    Adored by everyone, the Topical Poultice by Lameaway is an excellent soreness-solution for home or away.

    Crafted with bentonite clay, this natural inflammatory drawer works hard to pull heat out of tired and sore muscles. Infusion of aloe vera and ethyl alcohol aid in cooling and reviving muscles while the addition of CBD relieves any pain caused during the workout. Finished with a calming Eucalyptus scent, LameAway created a poultice that is bound to get your equine athlete feeling its' absolute best after hard training session!

    Sizes Available:

    32 oz and 1 gallon

  • Topical Wash

    Offer your equine athlete's tired and sore muscles relief with the Topical Wash by LameAway. 

    Made to be used as an all over body wash, this innovative formula works hard to relieve any muscle soreness after a workout or to relax the body before a competition. Infused with full spectrum CBD +, pain is stripped away as the soothing Eucalyptus oil offers a treat for the senses. Ideal for at home or away, this powerful topical wash is a great product to have on hand!

    Sizes Available:

    16 oz and 1 gallon

  • Wound Salve

    The LameAway Horse Rub Wound Salve is a great tool to have on hand for those surprise cuts and scrapes. Utilizing castor seed oil, beeswax, and other healing ingredients, this salve provides moisture and protection for wounds and skin irritations. The addition of full spectrum CBD works to reduce discomfort and inflammation, making this salve a uniquely effective tool to have on hand.

    Sizes Available:

    4 oz

  • Topical Soak

    The LameAway Topical Soak is formulated with a combination of ethyl alcohol, arnica, black pepper, turmeric, hemp derived CBD, and other hard-working ingredients which is great treating hoof abscess as well as soreness. 


    Mix this topical soak with some warm water and soak for 20 minutes. This treatment will help to draw out an abscess.

    Sizes Available:

    32 oz

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