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Riders Choice

The Old School Horse Rub
  • Massage Oil

    Riders Choice Massage Oil for those sore muscles after a long day. Pain relief and relaxation. Works great used on your temples for those headaches!

    Sizes Available:

    1 oz and 4 oz

  • Topical Lotion

    Riders Choice Topical Lotion is for riders which offers pain relief as well as a moisturizer.

    Sizes Available:

    4 oz

  • Topical Spray

    Riders Choice Topical spray is for the riders that just want to spray their soreness and not have to rub it in.

    Sizes Available:

    4 oz

  • Lip Balm

    Riders Choice Lip Balm with CBD. With the weather getting colder your lips might be getting dry and cracking.  Time to heal them and keep everything nice and soft all winter long.

    Sizes Available:

    .3 ml

  • Topical Soak

    The LameAway Topical Soak helps with aches and soreness due to exercise or the daily stresses of life.  This soak is formulated with a combination of ethyl alcohol, arnica, black pepper, turmeric, hemp derived CBD, and other hard-working ingredients which is great for an aching body.  Mix a little in your bath and take your soreness away. 

    Sizes Available:

    32 oz

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